Refund and Returns Policy


Spectrum Car Paints are custom mixed-to-order using the latest toners and computerized equipment just like an auto body shop.
Since we prepare our paints especially for you at the time of ordering, we can only accept returns of unopened and unused Spectrum Car Paint up to 30 days from the date of your order. We do not reimburse you for any return shipping costs. Please check your order for color match and completeness upon receiving.

Always perform a spray out or color test before painting your vehicle. This cannot be overemphasized. Spectrum Car Paints is not responsible for paint that has been applied to a vehicle that does not match. We will gladly assist in resolving paint-related issues before the paint is applied to the actual piece being refinished.

We are unable to provide refunds/exchange on pre-1985 vehicle colors unless we sent you the completely wrong color (red was ordered we sent green), even if the color does not match. Due to age, fading and changes in toners, exact matching to older vehicles is not always possible.

If a package is refused or undeliverable through no fault of Spectrum Car Paints a charge will be applied on the original dollar amount of the order. It is the customers responsibility to provide a deliverable address.

If you have used the paint and have encountered a problem, please contact us immediately. We will try to diagnose the issue. If we cannot remedy the problem, we may arrange an inspection of the issue. This may consist of sending the paint and a part to us for inspection and solution determination. Spectrum Car Paints customer service representative may arrange this for you. Please contact All shipping of parts and returned goods to and from Spectrum Car Paints will be at the customer’s expense.

Need help?

Contact us at {email} for questions related to refunds and returns.